Welcome to Data Is For Everyone

Hi, I am Meena! And, this is an evolving virtual data science school - with offerings on data, research, and analytics. This space is designed to build a collection of data-focused courses and workshops that the community needs now. You can find a range of topics here - from data collection with the lens of equity and inclusion to analytics tools, practices, and processes. Together, you and I will build this school as we learn about the research and analytics priorities of our industry.

I have been working in the space of research and analytics for more than 10 years, and teaching research related subjects for the past 15 years. I have worked and taught in North America, parts of Asia and India. I find joy in enabling professionals from all backgrounds and cultures.

Interested in a data or analytics topic that is not covered here yet? Send me a message (www.namastedata.org), and I'll find a way to cover the topic.

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Our success lies in sustainably built collective progress.