This is a different kind of "advanced" data collection workshop.

Because YOU are the expert here.

Data is only useful when it has purpose and intention. Data collection thus becomes an extremely crucial step.

Then the question is - how do ensure our data collection efforts meet purpose?

What if, even after we know all fundamentals, we still feel inadequate in advancing equity and inclusion through data?

That is where this "advanced" workshop comes useful.

In this 2.5-hour virtual workshop, we talk, discuss and then talk some more to apply concepts of data collection on sample scenarios and real-life problems. We case study the heck out of it!

Here is a general flow of the workshop:

1. Quick revision of fundamentals

2. What are the types of biases in the surveys?

3. How to determine how many responses we need on the survey?

4. How to set up rating questions for successful analysis?

5. How do we address social desirability bias in surveys?

6. What are some common techniques to address cultural response differences in surveys?

7. How can you apply intersectionality lens on data?

8. How to respond to different real-life scenarios (using case studies) around data collection with empathy?

Completion of Advancing Equitable Data Collection - Foundational Level workshop is encouraged but not a requirement to join this workshop. This workshop assumes that you have foundational knowledge of data collection (e.g., fundamentals of survey, interviews, focus groups etc.).

Dates for the workshop are added on a rolling basis. Every workshop occurs in the window of 2-3:30 pm ET/1-3:30 CT/11-1:30 PT.

Want to join as a group?
Send me an email for group discount + flexible dates @[email protected]

Ready to take the next step?

This workshop is priced to honor you and your lived experience.

We use a sliding scale to make it accessible for those with lower incomes/wealth and to reflect the value and labour of this work. (Social Equity discounts of 5% -15% -25%). You decide what you are willing and able to pay. Note that the percentage of these discount coupons may change over time.

This scale is based on questions from Tanya Rumble and Nicole McVan's Community of Practice.

Ask yourself

  1. Are you and your family homeowners or landowners?
  2. Have you attended private education, or have an advanced degree?
  3. Does your organization cover your prof. dev. expenses?
  4. Are your bills or credit cards on autopay?
  5. Can you easily access and afford healthcare services?
  6. Do you have caregiving responsibilities for minor or adult dependents?
  7. Can you easily access and afford care services for your caregiving responsibilities?
  8. Do you have no debt and/or disposable income?
  9. Do you have a safety net of “financially stable” people in your life?
  10. Do you have Citizenship in the country you live?

Now choose your coupon

A. If your answers were all yes we suggest the original price point. This allows to offer this scale for those who may truly benefit from the discounted price.

B. If your answers were mostly yes and few no - we suggest the 15% discount coupon 5PEROFF

C. If some answers were an almost evenly split of yes and no, we suggest 15% discount coupon 15PEROFF

D. If most answers were majority or all no, we suggest you use discount coupon for 25% off using 25PEROFF

The time to bring social equity lens to data is NOW.

Let's begin!

(Note: Currently Data Is For Everyone is only hosting group workshops. For individual-level learning, please reach out for more information on data Equity Consultation).