Biggest Theme of 2024?

Upskilling on Ethical AI.

Do you know what are the key gaps in AI Learning for Nonprofits?

I. Understanding and Trust in AI
There's often a lack of understanding about what AI is and how it can be effectively utilized in the nonprofit sector. This includes apprehensions about AI replacing human jobs and concerns about ethical implications.

II. Technical Skills and Resources
Many nonprofits lack the technical expertise and resources to implement and manage AI solutions effectively.

III. Data Management and Quality
Nonprofits often struggle with managing data quality and infrastructure, which is essential for effective AI implementation.

IV. Custom AI Solutions
A gap exists in the development of AI solutions tailored to the specific needs of nonprofits, particularly smaller organizations with unique challenges.

V. Ethical AI Usage
There's a need for guidance on ethical AI practices, ensuring AI is used responsibly and aligns with the values of the nonprofit sector.

Let's Change That.

Build Practical Ethical AI Knowledge with AI Advancement Lab.

Unlock the potential of Artificial Intelligence to empower your nonprofit's work to making a difference. With rapid developments possible with AI, building practical AI knowledge means transforming how missions are delivered and impacts are amplified. Yet, many nonprofit leaders are still on the threshold, uncertain how to harness this potential.

Introducing "AI Advancement Lab" – an intentionally designed workshop crafted to bridge the gap between your passion for social good, capabilities of AI and the practical applications possible with this technology. Over the course of eight immersive sessions, you will embark on a journey from grasping the fundamentals of AI to deploying intelligent tools that refine fundraising strategies, optimize operations, and personalize supporter engagement.

With this hybrid coaching and workshop offering, you don't just learn about AI; you apply it. Each bi-weekly session is a blend of expert instruction, hands-on exercises, and collaborative learning, culminating in practical outcomes and tangible deliverables for your organization. You'll leave not just with a theoretical understanding, but with a personalized AI roadmap, ready to be implemented.

Embrace this chance to be at the forefront of innovation for social good. Empower your nonprofit with AI, not as a buzzword, but as a meaningful tool to building greater efficiency, deeper insights, and a more profound impact.

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(The January 2024 application is NOW CLOSED.
Next cohort starts on July 08, 2024)

Need me to give the 'why' behind this 8-hour live sessions + 5-hour hands-on work + 8+ frameworks +practical team conversations you can replicate at work?

Here it is: so you can

a. design your checklist outlining where you are with AI today.
b. design your checklist around Community Centric AI Principles to identify potential AI applications relevant to your work.
c. build skills in crafting effective ChatGPT prompts for varied scenarios.
d. design a collection of sample prompts created by participants, demonstrating learned techniques.
e. build a checklist or questionnaire for evaluating AI vendors, customized for your needs.
f. design a presentation detailing your unique AI journey.

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(The January 2024 application is NOW CLOSED.
Next cohort starts on July 08, 2024)

Still Unsure?

Read these FAQs

Q1: Who is the ideal participant for the AI Advancement Lab workshop?
A1: This workshop is designed for nonprofit leaders and decision-makers who are interested in leveraging AI to enhance their organization's operations, fundraising, and service delivery. No prior AI knowledge is required, just a commitment to innovation and improvement.

Q2: Do I need a technical background to benefit from this workshop?
A2: Not at all. The workshop is structured to be accessible for participants with varying levels of technical expertise, including those with little to no background in AI. We focus on practical, applicable knowledge rather than technical intricacies.

Q3: What are the technical requirements for participating in the workshop?
A3: Participants will need access to a computer with internet connectivity to engage with the workshop materials and exercises.

Q4: How will this workshop help my nonprofit with fundraising?
A4: You will learn how to use AI to identify new donor segments, personalize communication, forecast fundraising trends, and automate repetitive tasks, thereby increasing the effectiveness of your fundraising campaigns and freeing up resources for other critical tasks.

Q5: What can I expect to take away from the AI Advancement Lab workshop?
A5: You'll walk away with a comprehensive understanding of AI applications in the nonprofit sector, a tailored strategy to implement AI in your operations, and a set of practical tools and techniques to start leveraging AI for improved outcomes immediately. You'll also have a network of like-minded leaders to support your ongoing AI journey.

Q6: Can I get sample letters to convince my manager so I can take these sessions?
A6: Absolutely! Here is the link to sample letters for you.