Learn Machine Learning Using R Programming on Real Life Prospect Research.

Gone are the days when machine learning was considered the forte of programming professionals and the technology domain only. Today, the knowledge and offerings of Data Science belong to a much wider audience – including the researchers of the nonprofit industry. Though, having no background in programming/technology may seem daunting/overwhelming to learn and include machine learning in prospect research. Trust me; it is for everyone who wants to be a better researcher and decision-maker.

Machine Learning is for anyone looking to decision-making based on data and manage human biases in those decisions. It brings you closer to the fascinating world of artificial intelligence and deep learning. Machine Learning is a cross-disciplinary field encompassing computer science, mathematics, statistics, psychology, and management.

This course will help you learn and apply machine learning in day-to-day prospect research without getting stuck in its technicalities or fear of coding. I have designed this course keeping in mind a researcher of a nonprofit industry – someone who has the appetite for learning and yet struggles to find the time to apply the learnings as rapidly as they learn. This course also covers how a researcher can think about including the concepts of IDEA (inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility) in the research tools.

The bonus of this course? You get CFRE credits for this course AND FREE access to my conversation-starter 35-min course: 5 Components of Inclusive Fundraising Analytics.

The course covers the following topics:

· Fundamentals of fundraising analytics

· Applications of machine learning in prospect research

· Supervised and Unsupervised machine learning algorithms

· How to Use R to Implement machine learning algorithms

· How to select machine learning algorithms

· How to improve the accuracy of Machine Learning Models

· Pre-modeling steps

· Tips on fundraising analytics from my experience

· IDEA in analytics

And, hey, did you know that according to various estimates, a social data scientist (i.e., roles that need you to leverage analytics for prospecting) could usually be above the US $100,000 annually? Another reason to join me today and get started on this journey!