Do you have a data project where you think you can do better?

Then, this 5-day challenge will help you figure out how you can do that.

Welcome to the 5-Day Data Equity Challenge. This is part of the January initiatives of NamasteData's year-long efforts to advance data equity.

What are we doing here?

Objective of this challenge: To build your awareness and comfort with data equity tools so you can enable your nonprofits with data in an inclusion-led, human-centered way.

Challenge: From Mon 30th January to Fri 3rd February, I will be unlocking one mini exercise a day on this page. You will be following those exercises to do to at your own time in the day. The depth of challenges are designed in a way that does not require you hours to complete (we will center our mental and emotional sustainability in the learning to be effective).

If you have questions: You have two options to share your questions during the challenge.

Option A: You will get access to community space on this platform to ask questions. This space is shared between everyone signing up for this challenge. You are welcome to leave comments on someone else's questions on the sheet.

Option B: You can email me your questions directly. And, I will answer them for you.

If you participate: You have two options to share back with the world your learning from the exercises.

Option A: You can email me directly. I will include your learning in the next edition of the newsletter so others can share your learnings.

Option B: You can share on social media. Use the hashtag #dataisforeveryone2023 and share your wisdom with the world. Using the hashtag will help in keeping all posts on this topic in one place.

So, are you in?

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